LIFE NET we specialize in providing services to the Media - E-commerce, digital content, and product solutions provided to customers come from width to depth of field of the business activity Industry and community

Open letter  

Orientation activities

Customer satisfaction is the most important prerequisite. It has been clearly shown in each of the services and products that provide Life Net.

Development Strategy

The products of Life Net services are built on the foundation of combining modern technology and the world of creative possibilities of Vietnam.

Core values


As the foundation of the system's core values. Unity will bind us into a whole, make up the overall strength for the overall success.


Innovation is a prerequisite for growth and a need for constant innovation both in thinking and action to make new products of high value and contribute to the company and to benefit the community.

Leverage target

Every department, every individual we must always strive forward, conquer the increasingly higher targets. The constantly raising the target would create a powerful enterprise.


We uphold the spirit of responsibility in every thought and action. People are responsible for themselves, with customers, investors, communities and society as a whole.


Activities in the field of education, people-focused, so we always uphold the humanist values. Respect yourself, loving families, friendly colleagues, and always friendly

Our Services


Advertising Online
Promote Online
Publishing specializes in electronic information
Construction Consulting eCommerce system
Online Market Research
Event, exhibition, Game show


Consulting website design space 360 Virtual Tour
Consulting website design web portal
Consulting design and e-commerce solutions provider
TA and provide troubleshooting solutions

Value-added service (VAS)

On the network service model SP (Service Provider): MMUSIC, mSwport, Facebook SMS, Tv Shows, etc.
Utility services for businesses / organizations: electronic address book eShool, eStatus, eSurvey. Video - Voice conference, camera surveillance Mobile, service and monitoring devices journey GPS etc too
Provide content for branded service of the mobile network in the model - CP: music (FUNRING, Ringtunes, Imuzic), games (Mgame, teengame, Gbox, Upro), news - Prize mind, Game Show ...
Advertising services: Messaging brandname, mobile advertising.

Training Service

To organize training courses and free training directly to the member enterprises of Vietnam Internet Association
To organize training courses for a fee:
Open training courses include:
       + Soft skills courses.
       + Internet Marketing Course (including Facebook Marketing, Google SEO, Google Adwords, email marketing ...)
       + Course of business and sales management online
       + Course on Electronic Commerce
Open training courses according to particular requirements of each agency or enterprise

The news

Vietnam's mobile internet access slower than regional countries

16/09/2015 - VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese mobile network operators have acknowledged that the mobile internet speed in too low, blaming this on the late deployment of 4G technology. Chi tiết

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